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Total Life is part of the Wealthpoint Network

Total Life is one of 50 financial advisory businesses who are powered by Wealthpoint’s national network infrastructure.

Whether you are creating wealth, protecting wealth, or enjoying wealth the destination is always the same; financial security, for yourself and your loved ones. And Wealthpoint can help you get there.


    Who is Wealthpoint?

    Wealthpoint stands behind the Total Life Advisers. It is a co-operative owned by a network of 50 financial advice businesses with close to 150 financial advisers across New Zealand.  As a cooperative, Wealthpoint is owned and led by its member business – and we are one of them!

    Why is Wealthpoint important to Total Life?

    Our partnership with Wealthpoint enhances our ability to deliver high-quality advice and product solutions that you can trust.

    They provide us with a wide range of business support services, tools and regulatory compliance guidance so we can make sure we give you consistently high-quality advice and service. As one of the largest independent financial advice groups in New Zealand, Wealthpoint also helps us access the best insurers, fund managers and lending institutions in the market, which means you can be confident we can put in place the best solutions to fit your needs.

    Wealthpoint is also a licensed Financial Advice Provider (FAP) which means they take regulatory responsibility for the advice provided by its members.

    Wealthpoint’s main areas of support for Total Life are:

    1. Regulatory compliance guidance and oversight
    2. Providing industry-leading technology systems and platforms
    3. Helping us access leading products and services from suppliers
    4. Providing best practice tools and support to help us grow our business






      What does our partnership with Wealthpoint mean for you?

      Wealthpoint provides robust systems and processes for the Total Life Advisers to follow. So that we can get on with giving you the trusted, personalised advice you need.

      To find out more about Wealthpoint click here.

      Do you need a review?

      Total Life can offer bespoke solutions to:


      1. Insure Yourself (Life, Health and Disability)
      2. Insure Your Assets (General and Commercial)
      3. Making an Investment (Investment and KiwiSaver)
      4. Buying a Property (Mortgages and Lending)








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