Protecting Your Assets

Protecting your Assets

General insurance is designed to protect your valuable possessions, be this your home, vehicle, business or farm. We believe it is important to get good advice to ensure you have the right type of cover and there aren’t any gaps. We know everyone’s circumstances are slightly different and we are here to work with you to make sure you have the right policy that suits your needs.  And if the unexpected does occur, at claim time we will be there to support you and make sure the process runs smoothly.

The team at Total Life can provide peace of mind, knowing that your assets are protected.

Home Insurance

Get the right insurance for your biggest asset. AMP’s home insurance policy provides comprehensive cover for your home. AMP’s SumExtra benefit gives you peace of mind, knowing that your house would be fully replaced regardless of cost.


Contents Insurance

Get the right cover for your things. Whether you’re a uni student with a few gadgets or a family with heaps of stuff!  With AMP and Vero contents insurance, you have the power to set your own limits on your valuable possessions.


Car Insurance

Flexible cover to protect your car. Whether you’re insuring your first-ever car or hunting down a good deal for your family vehicle, we make it easy to choose the right kind of car insurance, easy to get a quote, and easy to buy. And with AMP and Vero car insurance, you get access to a 24/7 emergency assistance call centre that helps you solve problems on the spot.


Rural Insurance

It’s all about protecting your lifestyle block and farming business. Whether you rely on your farm to make ends meet, or simply have a lifestyle block with a few animals to keep you company, we tailor our rural insurance to suit your buildings, stock and vehicle needs. We have great options to cover most risks associated with your farm, with flexibility and optional add-ons to suit your specific needs.


Boat Insurance

Protecting your favourite pastime by providing comprehensive insurance for your boat, yacht or jet-ski. We understand that being on the water means a lot to you, so when you are out riding the waves, or towing your boat to your favourite holiday spot, it’s reassuring to know your much beloved boat is protected.


Travel Insurance

So you can relax and enjoy your trip.  When you’re travelling you never know what’s around the next corner, so it’s smart to pack some travel insurance to take with you.

The true value of insurance is revealed the day you need to claim…  talk to us today!


What you need to know about home, contents and car insurance

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