Claim Support

When the unexpected happens we help you

Claims often need to be made at stressful and difficult times and that’s why we have a team of experienced Advisers to take care of the claim, support you and keep you updated throughout the process.  Our goal is to make the claims process as easy and clear as possible and we pride ourselves on helping to make it stress-free. 

How to make a claim

If something happens and you need to make a claim, get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can email or call our office. We’re here to help and can talk you through the different options available to you. You can contact us by phone, email or post and we’ll help you get your claim underway.

It is crucial to know exactly what you’re covered for. Policy documents aren’t the most exciting documents to read, but they are important. Make sure you understand your policy and all that is and is not covered. This way, if you need to make a claim you can be confident you won’t be disappointed.

Claim Story

Sharnae's Story

Sharnae started experiencing symptoms at 16, and she didn’t know these were warning signs at the time.  Talking to GPs was discouraging as it was pointed out that through the public system it could take years to wait on specialists to get a diagnosis. 

Sharnae shared “This year my symptoms started to get worse and the pain was affecting my day to day life.”

In May, Total Life implemented a Group Health Scheme for all its employees, which included covering pre-existing conditions with Southern Cross. Encouraged by her colleague Sarah who has endometriosis, Sharnae went to her GP to get a referral about her ongoing health issues.  With private insurance she had a specialist appointment within two weeks. The specialist scheduled surgery five weeks later and confirmed stage 2-3 endometriosis. 

Sharnae’s surgery included the removal of endometriosis:

  • from the bowel which was stuck
  • from the bladder which was completely covered in endo
  • Hysteroscopy
  • both ovaries were stitched up to protect from scarring

A follow-up plan was put in place which may include additional surgeries.  Endometriosis, currently has no known cure and will require ongoing management.    

Post-surgery, Sharnae has noticed significant improvements—no more bloating, increased energy, and significantly less pain. She was able to use the Southern Cross app to obtain pre-approval and upload estimated prices from the specialist for her claim. Invoices from the specialist and anaesthetist were smoothly handled by Southern Cross, with no additional cost to Sharnae. The estimated cost of surgery amounted to around $24,000.

“Having health insurance made it possible for me to get a diagnosis and treatment in a much quicker timeframe than through the public health system.  It also gave me the confidence to seek specialist care as I knew I now have insurance to support me if I needed ongoing treatment.

 I am very grateful to Total Life for putting this plan in place for me – however my advice to anyone else is to get insurance in place when you are young and healthy – you never know what the future holds.” – Sharnae