Protecting your life

Protecting your life

Two of your greatest assets are your health and your ability to earn an income. Personal Insurance is a range of products designed to protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected. If the worst should happen – if you died, became terminally ill, or suffered illness, injury or disability – you will be glad you have it to help financially support what matters most; you and your loved ones.

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Personal Risk Insurance provides you with financial peace of mind to protect what matters most!

Life cover

Life insurance is designed to financially protect your loved ones if the worst happens.  If you died, or were diagnosed with a terminal illness and weren’t expected to live for more than 12 months, life insurance could pay out a lump sum to be used as your family wished; to pay debts, give financial breathing space, tick off that bucket list or whatever you may require at this difficult time. It is important that you choose the right level of protection for you and your family.

Imagine if: You were diagnosed with terminal cancer and you partner wanted to stay home and spend as much time with you as possible.  How would you afford it?

“On average, there is one death in New Zealand every 18 minutes.” – Population clock, Statistics New Zealand, Jan 2015

Trauma cover

Should you suffer a specified serious illness or injury, your insurance benefit can provide you with a lump sum payment.  You can choose how best to use the money, from paying your medical care to covering your mortgage or household bills.

This allows you to focus on the more important things, like your treatment, recovery and spending time with your loved ones.

Imagine if:  You suffered a heart attack and you needed to undergo heart surgery soon after.  In the face of a lengthy recovery where you aren’t receiving income, are you prepared to exhaust your savings to cover your expenses?

“1 in 200 New Zealand adults has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease.  That’s 176,000 people!” – Ministry of Health 2013-2014 NZ Health Survey

Health insurance

Healthcare insurance helps you access the healthcare services that you need when you need them.  It provides an alternate way of paying for treatment so you can use private healthcare services. The level of coverage you have can be tailored to your needs and specifications.

“Ill health or lack of health insurance is one of the 3 main causes of people going bankrupt.” – Statistics New Zealand 2004

Total and permanent disablement

If you suffer a serious disablement, for example, a disability that results in you being unable to work ever again, disability cover is your financial protection. It can pay out a lump sum to help you and your loved ones financially.  You can use this however you choose, from paying off your mortgage to investing the money to create an income.

Imagine if: You survived a serious car accident but suffered injuries that left you paralysed.   How would you support your family if you could no longer work?

“There is 1 new spinal cord injury in New Zealand every 5 days – motor vehicle accidents account for nearly 40% of these.”
CCS Disability Action: Facts and Figures

Income protection

Your ability to work and earn an income is one of your greatest assets – income protection helps to protect against the loss of this asset.   If you are unable to work for an extended period due to illness, accident or injury, income protection can provide you with a monthly benefit. This can help pay your bills and meet your financial commitments. This means you and your loved ones have financial support to help you continue to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked hard for.

While ACC covers up to 80% of your income if an accident prevents you from working, it doesn’t provide an alternative income for you or your family in the event of sickness.

Imagine if: You unexpectedly had a seizure that left you temporarily paralysed making it impossible to fulfil your duties at work.  How long could you go without income while you recovered?

“Every day about 24 New Zealanders have a stroke. That’s almost 9,000 strokes per year.  A quarter occur in people aged under 65.” – The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand, 2014

Mortgage & rent cover

Mortgage and rent cover pays you an agreed amount of money each month if you can’t work in your usual job due to illness or injury.  It is designed to cover your mortgage or rental payments. You can also choose to cover yourself against redundancy/bankruptcy.

We understand one of the biggest worries if you lose your income is how to pay the mortgage. So let us help you keep a roof over your head.

Imagine if: You get diagnosed with breast cancer and need to go through extensive treatment and will be unable to work during this time.  How will you pay the mortgage?

“1 in 9 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.  85% will survive 5 years or more after diagnosis.” – National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre 2008

Premium cover

Should you suffer a total or partial disability lasting longer than the chosen waiting period, this benefit covers the cost of your premium during your treatment and recovery. Making insurance premiums one less thing to worry about while you work on recovering.