Our Business

Total Life is a locally owned and operated advisory business with a team of experienced advisers providing Insurance, Investment and Mortgage solutions for generations of New Zealanders.

It is official, Total Life co has now formed a new group with the acquisition of Kerry Kirk’s business in Hamilton and the forming of the new Christchurch business. Adviser James Pearson and Mortgage Broker Callum Eathorne have started Total Life CHC Ltd in partnership with Total Life co.

Both branches will plug into our Invercargill business (Group HQ) to supply their infrastructure and daily adviser support needs. All branches will trade as Total Life co and will work together group-wide to deliver a high level of advice and support to our existing and new clients.

We encourage you to reach out for any of your insurance, investment and mortgage needs.


Our advisers are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited which holds a transitional financial advice provider license. For more information, visit wealthpoint.co.nz.

The kind of advice you get matters

When you seek advice, you like to know that you’re receiving it from somebody qualified to give it. We ensure quality advice and best practice standards are met through our advisers who continually develop their knowledge and skills.  

Our team approach, our ability to offer specialist advice and quality customer service has been demonstrated by recipients of multiple business and adviser awards.



What to expect

We take the time to sit down with you and talk about your individual needs and goals.  We then follow a comprehensive process of advice, before developing and recommending the best solution and products we have to help you reach your goals and achieve what is most important.

Our regular review service ensures that your plan remains on track to achieve your financial goals as you travel the winding road of your financial life.

Who do we help?

Total Life provides comprehensive financial solutions to the entire community. Ranging from young individuals and families who are just beginning on life’s financial journey, to those wishing to grow wealth more aggressively, to those preparing for retirement and finally, providing solutions for a comfortable retirement.

Whether it is personal or business advice required, we provide solutions that will not only maximise the efficiency and benefits of your resources but also protect your wealth to ensure your financial goals are achieved, now and into the future.

Our community

Here at Total Life, we take great pride in our Southern roots and we love being involved in our community through local sponsorships. 

Our key sponsorship is the Total Life Kids TRYathlon, held in partnership with the Southland Tri Club.   Every year we get to see hundreds of kids of all levels participating in a great event that lets them participate, achieve and above all - have fun! In 2021, we celebrated 21 years of supporting the Total Life Kids TRYathlon.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Historically, our participation in the AMP Scholarship programme, allowed us to help southerners achieve their dreams.  Recipients of our scholarship include Corbin Strong (Track and Road Cycling), Trent Anderson (Mountain Safety), Tracy Morris (Child Cancer packs), Tania Clarke (Food Parcels), and Tom Scully (Track Cycling).   

In addition to this, we help a number of local organisations such as golf clubs, football clubs and charity events.

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