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Our Team

Craig Kura

Managing Director/AFA Adviser

Craig is a strong believer that quality advice provides the clarity and knowledge required to travel the road to success.  As an Authorised Fiancial Adviser, Craig likes to help his clients in making informed decisions to help them achieve their financial goals by offering tailored advice that takes into account a clients individual situation. 

Mark Breen

AFA Adviser/Director

Mark has been in the Insurance industry since 1992 and joined our team in 2003. Mark enjoys meeting with a wide range of people, developing risk solutions and has a strong focus on the rural sector. You will even find a pair of gumboots in his car, just in case he has to give a hand in the milking shed.

Murray Sim

AFA Adviser/Director

Murray has been an Adviser with our business since 1992 having been in the insurance industry since 1989. Murray primarily works in the personal risk insurance market and has a wide range of clients throughout the Southland and Otago regions. Murray believes that quality of life is not attained by chance

Jason Shields

AFA Adviser

Our resident Investment Guru, Jason has a extensive knowledge of the Investment Market.  Jason qualified from University with a Bachelor of Commerce and DipGrad majoring in Finance and has been working in the Banking and Investment Industry ever since. Jason is passionate about helping people take charge

Shantelle Watson

QFE Adviser

Shantelle is a recent addition to the team at Total Life.  She loves meeting new clients and working with them to ensure they are financially protected financially from life’s ups and downs. She wants her clients to know that she will be there for them should the unexpected happen, and she will be in their corner come claims time.